Using Crystal Reports, Crystal Certified has worked with EHR systems for over 10 years. Working with one Centricity client to date and having in depth experience with a wide variety of other EHR applications, we can quickly jump into new Centricity projects.

computer doctorOur experience with Centricity

Crystal Certified has done multiple custom reports through Centricity software. Some of these reports include, patient care, doctors, diagnosis, and payers companies. We assisted Fort Worth Brain & Spine Institute in migrating their data from their prior software to their newly implemented Centricity. This was done in segments based on their IT staff’s implementation strategy. Watch for our upcoming case study on this project.

Additional Services

By offering a variety of custom reports, business analysis, process management, and system reviews, we are simply here to help. We find solutions that will benefit our clients and achieve their reporting and data sharing goals.


Getting Started

We look forward to talking to you about your Centricity software, custom reporting, data sharing, and other potential needs specific to your organization.

When you are ready to look into this, give us a call. We are always here to help.


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