Doctor using a portable device with medical software.Using Crystal Reports, Crystal Certified has worked with EHR systems for over 10 years. Although we have worked with Allscripts for a short time, our indepth experience with a wide variety of applications allows us to swiftly get up to speed on your software and help you with your reporting needs.


Crystal Certified and Allscripts

Here at Crystal Certified there is no minimum on what we do. We work on a variety of small to large projects…Some areas we can help Allscripts are listed below.

  • Care Coordination – Patient, doctor, nurse, and referral reports

We can build reports that are customized to find missing information in a patient’s care plan.

  • Analytics & Insights – Demographics and statistical reports

Allscripts processes a massive amount of data constantly. Using Crystal Reports, we can help make sure that data is being used and shared efficiently.

  • Clinical Solutions – Quality assurance and general audit reports

We know physicians, nurses, and administrators in the healthcare industry are constantly on the move. There isn’t a lot of time to figure out if you might be missing information before you are onto your next patient. That’s why we are here to help. Crystal Certified can take all that data and organize it into reports to easily see what information may be missing.

  • Financial Solutions – Revenue and payroll reports, billing audits, and payer analysis

Crystal Certified can develop financial reports that help you analyze your specific procedures.

  • Patient Engagement – Quality measurements, patient encounter audit, and patient improvement analysis

We want to see your clinic be successful by making sure your patients and employees are happy and in a respectful environment.

Crystal Certified can help by analyzing data to show how patients and employees have improved over time.

Additional Services

By offering a variety of custom reports, business analysis, process management, and system reviews, we are simply here to help.

We find solutions that will benefit our clients and achieve their reporting and data sharing goals.


Getting Started

We look forward to talking to you about your Allscripts software, custom reporting, data sharing, and other potential needs specific to your organization.

When you are ready to look into this, give us a call. We are always here to help.


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