Data Sharing

For over 16 years, we have worked closely with clients of all sizes, all industries, and all across the United States with their reporting and data sharing needs. Our goal is to provide expert assistance no matter the business application.

As the healthcare industry continues to streamline systems, data sharing is becoming system critical. This leads to questions of data compatibility and manageability.

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Whether using a state of the art EHR system or legacy software, incompatibility of in-house systems can cause double entry, dual reporting, manual data crunching, and wasted labor hours. We can help synch your systems:

  • Using a standard reporting software, we implement a batch reporting process to pull data from one software, and prepare it to be imported into another software
  • Move demographic data, scheduling, or financials accurately and consistently between disparate systems to improve work flows and save labor hours
  • Migrate data from legacy systems into a new EHR system without manual data entry.



Providing custom care.

Providing custom care.

Managing a healthcare organization means managing data. Put the power of your data into the hands of your entire staff.

  • Using a standard reporting software, we develop custom management tools specific to your needs
  • Prepare for specific management areas of your organization including but not limited to:
    • audits
    • confirm Meaningful Use details for attestation
    • monitor quality assurance
    • analyze metrics
    • track performance
    • improve risk assessments


Having the right tools for data sharing will greatly enhance work flows, staff productivity, and patient experience.

We look forward to discussing your data sharing needs.



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