Custom Reporting

At Crystal Certified, we work as best meets your needs. No project is too small, and we are always here to help. All report development is done using secure remote software so development takes place on your system. Therefore, data is never moved from your secure setting, so you can be assured that it remains secure at all times.

We work efficiently and responsively in order to meet your reporting goals. We do this by adhering to these important practices:

Client Interaction

example custom report designIn order to better understand your needs, we strive to connect with you, make professional suggestions and help to envision the overall goals of the project. We find this saves time and money, as we become more efficient and can solve problems faster.


Systems Analysis and Software Recommendations

Oftentimes, you need a report that meets an official mandate and have little time to verbalize the request. To help formulate your required report, we review the request with you and then analyze your database to ensure we are building the report template correctly. We do business analysis to ensure that the report template will meet all your needs…maybe even some you hadn’t thought about. This upfront design work saves a great deal of re-development time.

Seamless Project Management that Meets Deadlines

Our project management services blend seamlessly into the programming so that it is efficient and not disruptive to the entire project. You can be assured that projects will run smoothly and finish on time.

Focus on Client’s Long-Term Business Goals

We take interest in your operations, learn how you conduct business and see how the project at hand can assist your ongoing business goals. Come to see us as a valued partner who is equally interested in your success and best practices.

Support Any Software

We have the ability to assist any company with reporting requests, no matter what software they use. This gives us the unique ability to assist our clients across departments and provide them with a company-wide all-systems approach to their reporting needs.

Support Any Standard

As you know, healthcare has many standards in which staff must navigate: Meaningful Use, quality measures, HL7 standard formats, governmental standards, payor standards, on and on. No matter the requirement, we are here to help develop the report to specifications, test for accuracy, and help you implement the requirements.

Invoice for our Actual Time

We provide our clients a quote for each project and invoice our clients based on what work was actually performed. We value our integrity and your trust.



What are your needs? How can we help? What experience do we have in the specific area for which your organization is seeking guidance?

Websites can only provide so much information. Finding the right consulting team takes time, and the best way to find a good fit is to have conversations. Give us a call or send us an email. Of course, there is no obligation for these introductions, and we would enjoy learning about your organization. Then, when you are ready to implement, we are always here to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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