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Crystal Certified has had the pleasure of working with Sage 100 for many years. Sage Mas90 is where we got our start back in 1998. Mas90 (owned by State of the Art back then) became integrated with Crystal for most of its forms. I (Lila) knew Crystal Reports and had acquaintances ask for help. Feeling it was the start of a very good thing, I established Crystal Certified, and here we are 16+ years later. In addition to the many Sage 100 custom reports we develop each year, we use Sage 100 internally. One could say we are expert at Sage 100, especially where reporting is concerned.

Sage 100 and Crystal Certified

Though Sage 100 comes equipped with many great reports, you may need a custom report or two to help get information you need in order to make your company run smoothly and efficiently. At Crystal Certified we roll up our sleeves, learn about your processes, analyze your needs, work with your team of in-house experts, and develop the reporting tools that give you the exact information you need. Large or small reporting projects; there is no minimum to what we do. Listed below are some examples of what we can do for you.

  • Accounting and Finance:

Data sharing encryptionCrystal Certified can develop financial reports that help you analyze your specific procedures and meet the many demands of this vital area of your organization. Aging, cash flow projections, combined financial statements are a few financial reports we have done for others in the past. Do you need to move data from one system to another or to your trading partners? See our Data Sharing page to learn how we can help automate this process.

  • People and Payroll:

We have done payroll reports that help businesses move data to their payroll service, labor analysis reports that include seeing certain departments’ budgets, tracking PTO usage, and applying labor costs to jobs. We also develop certified payroll reports that report labor hours directly to the state. Ever need a group of addresses from your client list or certain group of employees addresses for labels? We can help! Using Crystal Reports we can take your client or employee list and extract certain addresses from your data to make labels that fit your exact needs.

  • Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management:

There is a large amount of data that goes into processing orders while keeping up with inventory and consistently filling those orders. Having significant amounts of data can be daunting at times and trying to keep up with orders while finding solutions to problems can be very time consuming and frustrating. We can help by developing customized reports for you to see all areas of your business. See shipping time and methods, dates of reorders, contacts you have shipped to and from, and more. These reports can help you analyze areas that may need improvement which will save your business time and energy.

  • Production Management:

Work Order reports can show processes step by step. Reports can be made to show specific details of the product being made, such as costs, materials, labor hours, machines and more. We customize reports to your business’s exact needs so you can keep a close eye on exactly what is happening.

  • Sales & E-Commerce:

Track sales with customized reports, charts, and graphs to show the information you need to manage your business. These reports can help businesses make critical decisions, see if they are meeting quotas, and much more.

Additional Services

By offering a variety of custom reports, business analysis, process management, and system reviews, we are simply here to help.

We find solutions that will benefit our clients and achieve their reporting and data sharing goals.


Getting Started

We look forward to talking to you about your Sage 100 software, custom reporting, data sharing, and other potential needs specific to your organization.

When you are ready to look into this, give us a call. We are always here to help.


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