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At Crystal Certified we have worked with ERP systems since we opened our doors in 1998. Crystal Certified has been working with Global Shop Solutions software for 5 years. With our years of experience and knowledge with Crystal Reports we can connect with your Global Shop Solutions software to arrange data into reports for your unique needs.

Global Shop Solutions and Crystal Certified

Make sure you are getting the quality and desired information you need to make your company run smoothly and efficiently. At Crystal Certified we roll up our sleeves, analyze your needs, work with your team of in-house experts, and develop the reporting tools that give you the exact information you need. Large or small reporting projects; there is no minimum to what we do. Listed below are some examples we can do for you.

  • Financial: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Statements, Payroll, Standard Cost

Crystal ReportingCrystal Certified can develop financial reports that help you analyze your specific procedures and meet the many demands of this vital area of your organization. If you need reports for government regulations or requirements, we can help fill those needs. Do you need to move data from one system to another or to your trading partners? See our Data Sharing page to learn how we can help automate this process.

  • Project Management: Work Orders, Work Order Costs, Shipping Information, Budget Information, Job Operations

Reports can show exactly where your product is on the production line, or in shipping. Keep track of budgets, orders, exact costs, and timing of shipments. Know your labor demands weeks in advance, keep inventories tight, and be ready to scale up based on projected demand.

  • Sales Solutions: Sales Order Entry/Invoicing, Sales Analysis, Bills of Lading, Commission Sales

Gain insight into sales analysis with reports or graphs that compare your weekly, monthly, or yearly sales. See how commission sales are doing and how employees are doing on their sales.

  • Material Solutions: Inventory, Purchase History, Vendor Tracking, Labels

Inventory is a critical part to your organization. We can make customized reports to show you what is on hand, in warehouse, dates shipped, when you last purchased, and much more. Need labels? We can make a variety of labels for mailing, PO, material, and shipping.

  • Shop Management Solutions: 401k, Vacation Schedules, Finished Goods, Scheduling, and Labor Hours

Analyze many different schedules from vacation, employees, and products due date and more. These reports will show you the information you need to make your business more efficient.

Additional Services

By offering a variety of custom reports, business analysis, process management, and system reviews, we are simply here to help.

We find solutions that will benefit our clients and achieve their reporting and data sharing goals.


Getting Started

We look forward to talking to you about your Global Shop Solutions software, custom reporting, data sharing, and other potential needs specific to your organization.

When you are ready to look into this, give us a call. We are always here to help.


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