Custom Reporting

Every business has unique needs. Though 90% of your operational requirements are met with current applications and their standard reports, it’s that last 10% that can be critical to your success. Whether the data is in one database or several, we can develop an analytic tool that can be used continuously to monitor your benchmarks. Whether you prefer Crystal Reports or SSRS, we can help strengthen your operations.

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Custom Report Examples:

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Reasons to request a custom report:

  • Spend 4 or more hours each week manipulating data to get a certain result
  • Gain required analysis from multiple databases
  • Processes need to be tightened so your staff can be effective
  • Rebates and discounts from suppliers can help your bottom line
  • Watch operational trends to be certain they are positive
Click on the image below for an example of a custom report development or click here to download a PDF version.
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