Crystal Reports

Crystal Certified is a custom report development company that has been in business since 1998. Our clients are small to medium sized companies from every industry sector and from nearly every state.

Most of our clients use standard software applications; accounting, CRM, EHR, ERP and the like. Though 90% of their needs are met using their software and standard reporting options, each business is unique. They ask us to create reports and customize that last 10% for them to analyze, tighten processes and run their business successfully.

Crystal ReportingWe use a reporting software called Crystal Reports for a majority of our projects.

  • What is Crystal Reports?

Crystal Reports is a reporting software that connects to nearly every database. No matter what business software you use, we query data to develop customized reports that best fit your needs.

  • What can be done with it?

Crystal Reports allows people to develop reports that result in the analytical tools they need to find solutions, compare data, pinpoint exceptions, increase productivity, eliminate redundant data entry improve efficiencies, and much more.

  • Can anyone use Crystal Reports?

Mason Companies Inc. TestimonialAnyone can use Crystal Reports. It is software that can be purchased online and downloaded. Though anyone can purchase and learn how to use it, we at Crystal Certified have many years of experience working with Crystal Reports. We understand what questions to ask and how to develop reports that meet client’s exact requirements.

  • Already working with Crystal Reports and have questions or need assistance?

We can help answer those questions, test reports thoroughly, and fix complications in a concise and timely manner to help maximize your reports and benefit your company.

The Crystal Certified Philosophy
We understand the necessity for perfection in the capturing, formatting, and displaying of all data. We have a strong business ethic and conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism, always holding secure the confidentiality of our clients’ process, procedures, and data.

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